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Episode 14 | The Fine Art of Salesmanship

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Sales can be a tricky thing and there’s a lot to consider. From networking and getting leads to implementing systems that will get you closer to your prospects to taking data in consideration as you transform your company into a more profitable one.

Learn more in this 14th episode of Off the Cuff!

In this episode:

  • The zigzag road towards successful networking
  • Why getting personal goes hand-in-hand with networking well
  • What is a CRM system and how does it get you closer to a client?
  • Looking for and implementing CRM systems
  • Adapting your sales system according to your team
  • How important is software integration?
  • Why having experience still also means you need to improve
  • The ROI of data transformation
  • Why it’s important to digitalize at least one part of your company