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Episode 6 | Inside the Mind of a Serial Entrepreneur with Hazel Haygood

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Curious to know how it looks inside the mind of a serial entrepreneur?

Meet Hazel Haygood—Aepiphanni’s own Project Manager. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, Hazel is not just someone who leads the team to the finish line. In actuality, she’s had a total of four businesses before she even reached the age of 24!

Hear more about her experiences as an Entrepreneurship major in college, how she started young, and how growing up in a family of business owners impacted her own entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode:

  • Growing up among a family of entrepreneurs and how this led to Hazel handling four businesses
  • The main reason why Hazel chose a degree in entrepreneurship
  • Registering a business at age 18 and pivoting afterwards
  • Starting multiple business while still in college
  • Becoming an independent project manager and business consultant
  • Networking and pitching in events and how this pushes you out of your comfort zone
  • The main skills Hazel gained from being a serial entrepreneur
  • The importance of being multi-skilled to boost your value
  • What it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset for Hazel