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Episode 7 | Building an Entrepreneurial Legacy with Nakimbe B’aobab

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When it comes to digital marketing, Nakimbe B’aobab is a woman who truly knows what she’s doing. Not just for her own marketing, but also for the businesses big and small that she serves , as well with her digital marketing and mobile application company, Mappdom International.

Her passion for the field shines through her work and personal life—so much so that this gained her the opportunity to become a TED Talk speaker at the TEDxUTSC event. Other than being an accomplished digital marketer and CEO, Nakimbe is also a motivational speaker, self-improvement coach, sales trainer and author.

However, behind the marketing campaigns she had built and the support she offers businesses, lies her true inspiration and motivation—building an entrepreneurial legacy for her children and the chance to create a life well-lived and well-loved.

Listen to her whole story today by checking out Episode 7 of Aepiphanni’s Off the Cuff! 

In this episode:

  • Why Nakimbe chose digital marketing
  • Creating a job for yourself and attaining total freedom
  • Facing financial challenges as an entrepreneur
  • Creating an effective marketing formula for both big and small businesses
  • The formula behind Nakimbe’s TED Talk and tapping into people’s psychological needs
  • Motherhood, entrepreneurship and leaving a legacy for her children and grandchildren
  • Being a black entrepreneur in North America
  • How digital marketing can help small businesses
  • How growing organically on social media will benefit a business more
  • Nakimbe’s mission statement and leading by example
  • Reprogramming herself and creating the person she is now


Watch Nakimbe’s whole TED Talk here:

Nakimbe’s website: