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Episode 8 | Bringing a New Perspective to Lifestyle Brands with Eddie Brumbaugh

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Notes from the show...

For the past 15 years, Eddie Brumbaugh has been running her interior design and furniture business through her brand, Jackson Charles.

Through those years, she went from offline to online, ran different kinds of events that brings people together in a new way, and started a lifestyle brand that stemmed from her belief that mistakes are what help you progress.

Her path has not been as picture perfect and luxurious as what you may expect from someone with a lifestyle brand but, in Eddie’s words, she’s been “owning it!”

Listen to Eddie’s full journey to owning a life unstyled in Off the Cuff’s 8th podcast episode!

In this episode:

  • How Eddie transitioned her interior design firm from offline to online
  • Carving her own niche and process in the interior design world
  • Career pivots and finding more about what actually drives her
  • Owning her passion and the road to realizing what really matters
  • The opportunities COVID presented
  • Merging and pursuing different interests
  • A refreshing look at break-ups and relationships
  • Creating a different setting for events and how it ties to her interior design business
  • Managing different brands and businesses
  • What it means to be “Unstyled” for Eddie
  • Being okay with not being the best and just wanting to be better