How Mental Health is Undermining Your Business
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How Mental Health is Undermining Your Business with Kyri Harris

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How Mental Health is Undermining Your Business
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You may recognize the importance of mental health in your personal life. But as a business owner, did you know that you need to be watching out for the mental well-being of your employees as well as yourself?

In this episode of Aepiphanni Off the Cuff, Mental Health Counselor, Kyri Harris, shares her knowledge and expertise in the mental health field, not just as a counselor, but as a business owner.

Ms. Harris has 19 years of experience as an educator, and 7 years as a mental health provider. By day, she is a school counselor; by evening, she runs her own practice, providing mental health services to patients via telehealth. You can reach out to Kyri Harris at

In this episode, Ms. Kyri Harris discusses:

  • The importance of work/life balance
  • Prioritizing family and personal life as an entrepreneur
  • Delegating the workload when running your own business
  • Recognizing the signs of mental health issues in your employees
  • The red flags for identifying an impending mental health crisis
  • How to recognize the physical manifestations of stress
  • The importance of taking time off work to avoid burnout
  • The importance of encouraging your employees to take vacation days for their mental health



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