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You Can’t Measure What You Aren’t Tracking with Ingrid and Luis

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Ingrid Ahumada and Luis Almanza work in the data analytics space where they help businesses analyze and make sense of data. This helps them make better-informed decisions that lead to radical business growth. They have been doing this for three years.


Discover more about Data analytics and how it helps businesses in Off The Cuff Season 2 Episode 5.

In this episode: 

  • You will understand more about data analysis
  • You will discover the benefits of data analysis in your business
  • You will learn how you can start using data analysis for your company or small business
  • Luis and Ingrid discuss why they built their own company and the problems they solve
  • They explain what Artificial Intelligence is and why it is not the first step in digitizing your business
  • You will discover why using data analytics tools trumps traditional methods