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Richard Phu, Australia’s Business Freedom Designer, coaches’ business owners to design scalable businesses with automation, systematization & virtual assistants. As MD of Outsourcing Angel, he’s transformed the VA agency, allowing the CEO to be free while maintaining double-digit growth.


In this conversation, Richard emphasizes the importance of explaining the reasoning behind decisions and actions. He believes that providing context and purpose helps engage and empower team members. Richard also highlights the complexity of decision-making and the need to navigate gray areas. Lastly, he introduces the Notion Ninja giveaway, a tool that combines automation and project management for Instagram content planning and scheduling.


  • When giving feedback or making decisions, it is crucial to explain the reasoning behind them to engage and empower team members.
  • The world is not black and white, and decision-making often involves navigating gray areas and considering different perspectives.
  • The Notion Ninja giveaway offers a tool for automating Instagram content planning and scheduling, providing users with a taste of automation and the potential for increased efficiency.


  • 00:22: Richard Phu’s Introduction and Background
  • 03:56: The Pursuit of Work Freedom
  • 10:17: From Corporate Life to Personal Development and Entrepreneurship
  • 14:57: Business Transformation through Operational Efficiency
  • 18:24: Trust and Decision-Making in Business Leadership
  • 24:08: Adapting Roles and Creating Opportunities within Outsourcing Angel
  • 25:31: Remote Team Motivation and Productivity Management:
  • 38:45: Notion Ninja Giveaway and Automating Business Processes


You can reach him here:
BizOps Richard Phu
Richard Phu

Richard Phu is the Managing Director of Outsourcing Angel, also known as the Business Freedom Designer. He came up with this title as he is constantly striving to make life easier for his boss, team, partners, and clients.
Richard’s main focus is on helping small to medium-sized business owners to scale their operations so that it can run without them. He achieves this by automating and systemizing their businesses and providing them with virtual assistants.
Richard has over a decade of experience in recruiting virtual assistants and has combined this with his many years of management consulting at KPMG. He helps time-poor business owners to systemize and scale up their operations.
Richard has been designing, building, implementing, and reviewing processes and systems for over 8 years, and has worked with clients such as Deutsche Bank, Nestle, and Macquarie Bank.
Through his systems, Richard has become #1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Coach, Podcast Host, and Virtual COO, and has helped many business owners to scale their businesses to work without them. Richard has had the opportunity to work with amazing leaders such as T Harv Eker, Dr. John Gray, Dr. John Demartini, Tony Horton, John Dwyer, Commando Steve, Neil Patel, and many more.
He has also contributed to and been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur. Foundr, Medium, The Good Men Project, CrowdInk, and Men’s Muscle & Health Magazine.


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