More than "Full of Fury, Signifying Nothing"

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We’ve failed to move forward.  Technology has advanced all around us, yet we’ve stayed the same.  We continue to think in the same old paradigm that says that we have to get up in the morning and go to work at a job, we have to have certain securities and we are defined as our job titles.  As Shakespeare says, we go through life in an ever maddening pace, “full of fury, signifying nothing.”

But life is not a stage.  There is purpose and meaning and purpose for each of us.  Your mission or purpose in life isn’t something you decide on, it is something that must be discovered.clip_image002

Consider this.  What would happen if everyone you know lived his or her purpose.  Do you think that their state of happiness would change?  What if everyone in your Linkedin network did the same?  and your secondaries?  and your tertiaries?  For some, that reaches into the millions of people, right?

Now, as a small business consultant, what that means to me is that all of my energies are wrapped into being a small business consultant, a dad, a husband and a member of my church and community.  What that means for me is that if I wasn’t making a dime, this is still what I would want to be doing.  That means that as I get older, I will find other ways to help small businesses, support my communities and love my family.  Everything I do points back to that?

What about you?  So many people get so wrapped up in security and a paycheck that they do simply become a number.  What that also means, without realizing it, is that they are living a very unbalanced life.  Think about it: you are working in a call center, but have aspirations to start a non-profit organization.    You are actually taking away from your happiness or satisfaction and adding unhappiness to your job.  So instead of replacing a happiness or satisfaction with another happiness, or satisfaction, you are taking away a happiness and adding more dissatisfaction.

So…are you living your purpose?  Are you seeking balance in your life?  or is your life full of fury, signifying nothing?


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