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Episode 10 | Navigating Team Dynamics with the Aepiphanni Team

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Notes from the show...

In this special Off the Cuff episode, Rick and Ingrid sat down with three other Aepiphanni team members—Stephanie Torres (Digital Marketer), Hazel Haygood (Project Manager) and Mariana Skafi (Community Manager)—to talk about how the year 2020 played out for them as professionals and for the team as a whole.

Episode 10 dived deeper into the Aepiphanni team’s dynamics, the kind of leadership Rick practices and how COVID-19 had been pivotal to each of the member’s lives.

In this episode:

  • How COVID-19 became the best time to grow as an entrepreneur
  • Having an inclusive and fun team environment
  • Interacting with different cultures, accents and nationalities
  • How having a remote team can help you create an agile workplace
  • How to handle multiple projects and how having a shared team vision can move everything forward
  • Working together and delivering results as a global team
  • How COVID-19 pushed leaders to grow and develop
  • The importance of delegating work