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Episode 16 | Why it’s not always about your vision with Rob Turley

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Rob Turley is one of the founders of White Rabbit, an artificial intelligence company that focuses on sales enablement. As someone who runs a tech company, he’s faced and lived through a lot of risks that have pushed his business to the 2-year mark.

Since starting White Rabbit, he learned the importance of building products that people want and why it’s not always about your vision.

Learn more about his key entrepreneurship learnings in Off the Cuff episode 16!

In this episode:

  • What White Rabbit is and how vibrancy and harmonization play into it
  • Sales enablement and following market demand
  • How Rob found himself working from graphic design to AI
  • Taking and pushing through risks
  • Supporting yourself and allowing the people around you support you
  • Testing yourself to the absolute limit
  • Listening to the market and pivoting to Plan B
  • Why the saying, “If we build it, they will come.” is not true according to Rob