Episode 4 | How Culture Influences Business with Ana Karina Lázaro

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How does culture influence business? If you want to know the answer to this, then our guest for this week may be the woman to listen to. In this episode of Off the Cuff, we learn more about Ana Karina Lázaro, a bag business owner based in Colombia.

Her journey started when she was fresh out of college and dreaming to go to China for so long. She ended up staying in the country for 8 years, and her time there taught her a lot about culture—not just about a country’s culture, but also the locals’ business culture. This inspired her to establish her own venture, finding purpose in helping indigenous communities in her hometown with her handwoven bag business.

Learn more about her journey and see how a country’s culture plays into how they do business, the ups and downs of working for different multinational and foreign countries from all over the world, and how experiences can shape an individual as an entrepreneur.

In this Episode:

  • How Ana’s goal to migrate to China influenced how she does business today
  • Cultural differences and its effects on how a person approaches business and entrepreneurship
  • The struggles of living abroad and how it shapes and cultivates growth
  • Starting a business and realizing what’s meant for you along the way
  • Doing business: The western vs. Asian way
  • The mission behind Ana’s handcrafted bag business, EKIITAYA, and what it means to a Colombian indigenous community
  • The story behind Ana’s hometown and how this plays into EKIITAYA


Find out the details by listening to the full Off the Cuff episode on SpotifyStitcher and iTunes.

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